Nerds DO Make Passes on Girls Who Wear Glasses

Men may seldom make passes on girls who wear glasses. But the red blooded nerd is not limited to such trivialities. Not only will we make passes, but we thrive on girls who wear glasses. Quite frankly not enough females break out the prescription lens… more »

The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Is it just me or is The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Star Fox’s Fox McCloud the same person? Identical cousins, at least.Mr. Fox is from new Wes Anderson movie based on the book by Roald Dahl. Fox McCloud is from the Star Fox game series that (along w… more »

Michelle Meyrink: Geek Girl Pioneer

One of the greatest nerd girls to ever grace cinema is without a doubt Michelle Meyrink. The name just echoes with stardom. Michelle Meyrink played hyperactive brainiac hottie Jordan in Real Genius… and less sexy head Omega Mu in Revenge of the Nerds.… more »

How Long Could Luke Survive in a Tauntaun?

All good Jedi know that the best way to survive a snow storm is in the snugly belly of your nearest Tauntaun. Just cut open with your handy dandy light saber, a single horizontal slice across the midsection will do, push squirming intestines aside, and… more »

What Do Pokémon Eat?

Or Soylent Green is Pokémon In the modern Pokémon world there is no food chain, I mean they fight, all they do is fight, but there is no predator/prey relationship. There are no carnivores or herbivores or omnivores. So, how do they survive? Instea… more »

Every Nerd Loves Natalie Portman!

I just got back from Amsterdam, there will be pictures soon, but until then I figured I’d share with you some pictures you might actually enjoy. It’s a proven fact: nerds love Natalie Portman. We got to have her. It’s in the nerd bylaws. Here are the… more »
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