How the Computer Virus Worked in Independence Day

From Gabe:I have a topic I was wondering if you could tackle, though.  Specifically: (how) is it possible that computer technology in 1996 could have infiltrated and infected the aliens’ technology to defeat them [in the movie Independence Day]?  Was… more »

How to make a Button (or I’m Just Talkin’ ’bout Taft)

Continued from Part IAs you might have read earlier for some unknown reason, Busy Beaver Buttons asked me to make a superhero button. I said yes as I don’t need to be asked twice to self promote, but the problem then arises that I have to actually m… more »

Hawaiian Shirts in Film

There’s only one way to explain just how fun, carefree, and cool a character is: a Hawaiian shirt. Sunglasses, of course, portray cool pretty well, but if a movie really wants to let the audience know that this guy likes to party (or par-tay) they go Ha… more »

GameCrush: Video Vixens & Pixelated Pimps

Yes, girls play video games. Some even in their underwear. Most of them probably in pants. Still some genius out there thought, “How can I make money off of girls playing video games?” Well, gamer guys would surely love to play with gamer girls, righ… more »

This is not Bill Gates’s Daughter

This is not Bill Gates’s Daughter. It’s like in The Matrix: There is no spoon. Do not try and bend Bill Gates’s daughter. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth. There is no daughter. Then you’ll see, that it is not Bill Gates’s d… more »

Standing Fat: The Jesse Heiman Story

He is no one. But he is every man. He is no where. Yet he is everywhere. He is the night. Well, maybe not the night, but he’s, at least, a nice afternoon nap on a cloudy day. He is Jesse Heiman and he is the extra. Who is Jesse Heiman you may ask,… more »
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