The Physics of the Crane Kick

Everyone’s doing it. No, one’s watching, the coast is clear, go ahead, do it. Get up on that beach stump, raise up your knee, and strike your best karate bird pose. It’s human nature (or is bird nature)… if you’re at the beach and you see a stump, y… more »

Best of the Worst: Revisiting my Damaged Darlings

I was hanging out with a friend and he tried to describe my blog to his girl, and his description went something like this, “So, he’s got this formula and it’s actually a pretty good formula, he writes these very nerdy breakdowns with charts and stuff of… more »

The Girls of Scott Pilgrim

It’s kind of hard to believe how poorly Scott Pilgrim vs The World did at the box office. Scott Pilgrim got bitch slapped by Sylvester Stallone an Julia Roberts of all people. It makes me worry about the state of this world, about the taste of my gener… more »

Geek, Jock, or Viking

Some of my more jockish friends don’t seem to realize that the geekiest thing I’ve ever seen is them managing their fantasy baseball rosters. Fantasy teams takes away any actual physical aspect of sports and adds math to it. I cannot think of anything… more »

The Many Ways A T-Rex Can Get in a Building

Andrew from Akron asks:My Dear Wolf Nards,I’ve always been bugged by the ending of Jurassic Park, how did the T-Rex get into the discovery center? I’ve looked at it from every angle and there wasn’t a door big enough for a tyrannosaurus. W… more »

Mechanical Web-Shooters vs Organic Web-Shooters

With an all new Spider-man movie on the horizon, we get to go back to the age old debate of mechanical web-shooters vs organic web-shooters. With a second chance, do film makers go with the new or return to the old? Ten years ago the idea of anything b… more »