Girls of Top Chef

Top Chef is back, and then means one thing and one thing only: Padma. Forget the food. Forget the Quick Fire Challenges. Forget the chefs. It’s all about Padma: introducing, eating, and wearing evening dresses in the middle of the afternoon. With To… more »

Jerry Supiran: Dead, Corgan, Taco Bell

Dead, Corgan, or Taco Bell—sounds like the worst variation of Fuck, Marry, or Kill ever, but are the possible fates of Jerry Supiran. Supiran played Jamie Lawson on the sitcom Small Wonder. I work at a job where I’m at a computer all day and I occasion… more »

Back to Back to the Future: A Tale of Two Martys

Most of you know of my Bill Murray fetish (sadomurrochism), but you may not know about my Back to the Future obsession. I spend way too much time thinking way too much about Back to the Future paradoxes and working on my BTTF fan fiction (about the… more »

Pig Dance & Goonies Sequel

Speaking of Goonies… The Truffle Shuffle![youtube]t5whaRkuipU[/youtube]It wasn’t until recently that I realized what Truffle Shuffle meant. A truffle being a rare mushroom traditionally found through special truffle hunting pigs. And shuffle, of… more »

The Law of Cartoon Pants

There’s a certain nudist streak that lurks in the hearts of cartoon animals everywhere. Shakespeare said it best: To pants or not to pants, that is the question, whether ’tis nobler in the fur or to wear the bow ties and tiny hats of outrageous fortune.… more »

Advance Wars Murder

Of all the murders blamed on video games this is perhaps the nerdiest of all. While, Advance Wars has the name war in it, it hardly qualifies as a violent game. It’s a little more like chess, but with cartoon tanks. Fun to play, but hardly something t… more »