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Hiro: Postive Asian Influence!?

Episode 3 of Heroes: +1 Hiro didn’t do much this episode, but what he did wasn’t too bad. Breakdown of Hiro Meter 1. Bucket List: +1… Putting right what once went wrong makes me think of Quantum Leap, and thinking of Quantum Leap makes me happy… more »

Hiro Absent this Week on Heroes

One sure fire way for Hiro not to offend the Asians – not include him in the episode. So, Hiro does no damage to Asian credibility, but Masi Oka does no good either. Just a B.D. Wong on the Asian Scale – a no factor. A Guide to the Hiro Meter Rating… more »

Hiro Meter: Negative 3

Hiro Meter Analyzing Episode 1, Season 4 of Heroes Hiro is at negative 3 Asian Points Hiro has impacted the Asian community negative 3 degrees. Or about half a William Hung. Break down of Hiro Meter: 1. Big Hiro Sign: +1… Everyone’s coole… more »

Introducing the Hiro Meter

NBC has already started their big Heroes marketing campaign, and in preparation I’ve been developing the Hiro Meter. The Hiro Meter doesn’t gauge Hiro’s power levels, but how much he has let down the Asian community. I love Hiro, I love Masi Oka, but h… more »

Heroes: The Short Comings of Hiro

I’ve talked at length before about the humiliation of Hiro on NBC’s Heroes. But I feel like it just hasn’t sunk in just how much a travesty it really is. Hiro has become an Asian Stepin Fetchit, the Japanese Rochester. He could have been a real Hero… more »

No Hero for Hiro

New episodes of Heroes and I almost missed it, some nerd I turned out to be. I guess NBC has been running promos for weeks and I was totally oblivious. It was kind of a slow episode, but I think that’s always to be expected with a new story line. Stil… more »
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