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In response to: Harold Ramis Responds to the Wolf Gnards

Best wishes!Your blog is very good!!!
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In response to: Harold Ramis Responds to the Wolf Gnards

Thank u for share
Good good study !
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In response to: The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Robin [Visitor] ·
I instantly thought this was a movie from the game Starfox.. but it isnt? Cant find any frog though. ;p
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In response to: How the Computer Virus Worked in Independence Day

Belle Alstad [Visitor] ·
Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. I have bookmarked your blog also…
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In response to: The Truth About Fat Men and Hot Wives in Sitcoms

bmorekid [Visitor]
I think someones mad cause they got there gf stolen by a fat guy. Seriously you looking deeper into the subject matter how is a fat guy with a hot girl degrading? it’s not. I’m not a fat guy so it isn’t something that offend me. But what does bother me is that this article makes no sence it seems as if your just taking a shot at over weight men for a personal reason so it only leads me to believe something has happend to you that was brought by a fat guy, so you feel that need to take it out on anyone that is overweight. It’s the same as someone getting there gf stolen by a black or hispanic man and then they go on hating blacks and hispanis for the rest of there life for no reason. What pisses me off about this is that your stating “the underdogs” will never get laid or what not I am infact a underdog many people never believed in me. But I’ve gotten along just fine in the end the underdog does win. I don’t know where you have been but it’s not just movies or tv it’s real life. Theres to much proof to deny it, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. thats all I have to say
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In response to: The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

KoGaiji [Visitor]
yeah, but I bet Wolf would love to have Fox’s bushy brush in his trophy collection 😀

no really, they don’t have much in common except being anthro foxes
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In response to: Hiro Absent this Week on Heroes

Judy [Visitor] ·
I feel this is too short list to scale Heroes because there can be few more who can make their way to this list.
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In response to: The Problem with Superhero Costumes

richo [Visitor]
I always thought spidey made his suit with his spidery webskills and his own spider silk whick weight for weight is tougher that the toughest metals known to man and is incredibly flexible and slightly elastic probably making the greatest suit material of all time, spider silk
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In response to: Racism Funny? Doug Funnie that is

Chicknstah [Visitor] ·
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In response to: Mulletology 101: Know Your Mullets

Jellycrystals [Visitor]
The ‘Euromullet’ is somewhere between the International Mullet and the Fashion Mullet. Popular with boys in my year 10 class with their bling earrings and white high tops as well as the Italian men wearing gold chains and aviator sunglasses.

Totally had an epiphany at your Reverse Mullet comment too. Also popular with the kids these days but the soft option in mullet choices.
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In response to: Mulletology 101: Know Your Mullets

Nosdoog [Visitor]
Excellent work. All of my mullet questions have been answered (and then some.)
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In response to: The Amazon Kindle’s Annie Little

linda [Visitor] ·
she is so sexy
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In response to: Your 15 minutes of Matt Lauer

linda [Visitor] ·
Great article
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In response to: Your Star Trek Personality

tnx gr8 post
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In response to: Patrick Swayze: Man, Woman, Actor

Youtobest [Visitor] ·
I read this post via the twitter feed. It was interesting to see both sides of the what will be an ongoing story.
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In response to: Whatever Happened to Rufio?

High Blood Pressure Cure [Visitor] ·
I love Rufio! He’s pretty much the coolest part of Hook — My favorite part is when he comes in on his skateboard and does all of his tricks. I wish he would have pulled a Tony Hawk or something… Is Hook on iTunes?
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In response to: Hiro Absent this Week on Heroes

Vernon Woernle [Visitor] ·
Not really sure if you’ve done this deliberately, but the colorings of your typefaces are very akin to the backdrop coloring – it makes it quite difficult to read something.
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In response to: Let the Nerd Battles Begin!

poker bot [Visitor] ·
Screech wins this hands down, no contest
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In response to: My Favorite Temporal Paradoxes in Movies

poker bot [Visitor] ·
Bill and Ted’s good robot us’s would kill all them other bots with ease.
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In response to: Danielle Fishel: Big Hair is Big Love

pokerbot [Visitor] ·
I like R2D2 better…..
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