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My Dinner with Predator: How a Predator Eats

I was thinking about the Predator’s mouth (as I often do on cold, lonely nights), and I noticed a slight problem. Not its nightmare vagina appearance, well sort of, it’s not the fact that it looks like a nightmare vagina but because it really doesn’t w… more »

The Six Sexiest Aliens

It seems because of Neytiri’s other worldly beauty in Avatar a certain exophilia has swept the nation. Exophilia being an attraction to strange, extraterrestrial, but essentially non-human lifeforms. The more bizarre the better. While, exophilia mainl… more »

Alien Plush Toy

No, Alien stats here. I haven’t figured how many faces could a facehugger if a facehug could hug faces. But I should. I have found these nifty little bugger to add to any Beanie Baby collection. ThinkGeek has this lovely Alien Facehugger Plush toy.… more »