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Great Moments in Asian History: Ernie Reyes, Jr.

Or Don’t Mess with Small AsiansI’ve already talked at lengths about Data and Rufio, so I feel I must compete the trinity with Mr. Ernest Reyes, Jr. Together they form Voltron: Defen… no, that’s not right, though it would be awesome. Of the Asian… more »

Interchangeable Asian Cartoon Characters

Besides massively awesome theme songs backed by massively awesome synthesizes, a few 80’s cartoons shared another thing in common: completely interchangeable Asian characters. Headband, karate, broken English, and you had yourself an Asian cartoon hero.… more »

What is Unicorn Sexy?

I’ve been known to be perhaps a tad over critical of Masi Oka. But the only reason is because he’s one of the few Asians in popular culture right now. Every generation, we get one Asian—just one—and for the moment he’s it. Unfortunately, that means th… more »

Wolf Gnards Salutes Jonathan Ke Quan

Perhaps, I’ve talked too much ab out Asians that make me sad. The time has come to honor the greatest Asian actor of ours or any generation. An actor so great, he accomplished everything that could ever be accomplished in just two movies. Wolf Gnards… more »

Whatever Happened to Rufio?

Or Great Moments in Asian CinemaMost Asian actors are relegated to two things: nerd or martial artist. But there’s a lot more to being an Asian male than karate chops and calculus. So, whenever someone breaks that mold he always has a warm place i… more »

Did Anyone Else Notice Rufio?

Just wanted to check and make sure someone else noticed Rufio during Heroes. Yes, that Rufio. Ru-Fi-Oooooooooooooo. Where has this guy been? And why hasn’t he aged in 20 years? Feel free to check out IMDB and say Rufio’s been doing this or Rufio’s b… more »
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