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Indie Girls Deconstructed

There’s something about Indie Girls that can drive a geek like me crazy. They represent a very special breed of hipster chick. They’re outwardly more friendly and less materialistic than a Trixie. Like Geek Girls, Indie Girls are smart, fun, and knowl… more »

Jenny Lewis: Queen of the Girls with Bangs

Of all the girls with bangs, Jenny Lewis is the girl with bangs held above all the rest. My friend just saw her perform and said the show was like a sea of bangs with Jenny as their captain. Indie kids may know Jenny Lewis lead singer of Rilo Kiley, bu… more »

My Lesbian Indie Crush: Tegan and Sara

When I first saw Tegan & Sara, I thought to myself, “I think I have a crush on them.” Then I thought, “And I think they might be lesbians.” As it turned out the indie pop rockers do happen to be lesbians, but it matters not to my crush–they’re cut… more »