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NBA Rule #1: No Dogs Allowed

An Open Letter to David Stern and the National Basketball Association:Mr. Stern, with another collective bargaining agreement vastly approaching, I think it his high time for the NBA to take a firm stand against dogs, specifically, Air Bud. I might… more »

Can a Werewolf Dunk?

Killing chickens and running from angry villagers is one thing, dunking a basketball is something entirely different. Is Teen Wolf correct? Can a werewolf slam dunk a basketball? The answer is simple: yes… and, maybe, no. If Michael Jordan was a we… more »

Shawn Bradley: Big White Dude

I was going to write an article about how Shawn Bradley was not a completely terrible basketball player. I was going to whip out stats. I was going to whip out charts. I was going to go to nerd sport heaven. But Normal Mormon Husband beat me to it.… more »

Hoop Schemes: Ed O’Bannon Sues Video Games

Ed O’Bannon has taken some time from his career of piling street junk into a beat up pickup truck to speak out against the NCAA. Actually, I think he might be a used car salesman, which is much better than getting paid million of dollars to dribble a ba… more »