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What’s the Why with Dr. Who Cosplay

or Knee Socks are CoolI love cosplay girls or, at least, I love the idea of cosplay girls. Who are they? Where do they come from? And, most important of all, why do they come from? As in why? Why do they do things that they do do (doo doo)? And… more »

Slime & Suits: When Murray Stopped Being a Ghostbuster

The news is Bill Murray is definitely out of Ghostbusters 3, but as painful as it is, did anyone not see this coming? I think it’s safe to say that I have a pro-Murray stance. I In fact, I’ve made my career thus far off of worshiping Murray and all that… more »

Beavers and Wolf Gnards and Shawnimals… Oh My!

Busy Beaver Button Co, best known for dancing beavers (and affordable buttons, I guess), is launching a new button series for their Button-O-Matic vending machines: Superheroes! And naturally they needed some heroes to design these super buttons. So, t… more »

Baby Talk: The Perils of Generation Wah!

Nothing marks summer like the running of the interns. I get to boss young kids around, watch my crusty old co-workers try to flirt with fresh-faced 20 somethings, and I get to see into the mind of the allusive college girl. Good times. But what I’ve f… more »

The Karma Cycle

It’s strange that I’ve never met a bicyclist that could be classified in any way as a good human being. I see people on bikes every day and yet I’ve never seen any hint of humanity in their eyes. All glory to the bicycle! And the more into bikes a per… more »

How to Shoot your Eye Out

I’ve probably seen A Christmas Story a thousand times, even before TBS put it on an endless holiday loop, but to this day I have no idea what “you’ll shoot your eye out” really means. One minute Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) is shooting at Black Bart and… more »
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