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Bang, Zoom! Domestic Violence or Space Travel?

One man, one fist, one sassy wife, and one moon: these are all the ingredients you need to fuel the space race. It started simply; Ralph Kramden wanted to punch his wife so hard that she would literally fly to the moon. Now, maybe, he didn’t wish her i… more »

Unbuttoning the Mystery: Superman’s Shirts

Few superheroes are as iconic as Superman; few superheroes can even be mentioned in the same breath. And nothing in the Superman mythos is probably as iconic as Clark Kent ripping open his shirt to reveal the “S” shield logo. It’s been depicted in one… more »

Sentinels Doing Things

It’s funny that Marvel has taken an anti-mutant stance after years of X-man comics about equal rights. Of course, it’s not a political statement but more about saving a few bucks. Some odd regulation that makes it cheaper to ship non-human action figur… more »

In Defense of Robin

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt was first announced as being in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film the rumor mill immediately spouted tails of Gordon-Levitt being the new Robin. It’s since been announced that he’ll be playing Alberto Falcone, whether this… more »

Hooded Injustice

The Problem with Hooded SuperheroesAfter watching NBC’s The Cape and almost being run over by a car the other day while wearing a hoodie, I came to the conclusion that a hood really isn’t the most well thought out piece of survival gear.Several cla… more »

Aquaman & Namor: Behind the Codpiece

Like a certain wolfman, the time has come to ask: Do Aquamen have gnards?Yes. Men have gnards. Fish have gnards. It goes to say that Aquaman does indeed have gnards. However, a penis is a trickier issue.Surprisingly little has been said about… more »
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