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C2E2 Day 3: The Smirk Knight Returns

Not much happened Day 3 for me at C2E2, I spent a third of it standing in line for R.L. Stine. I mostly hunted down T-shirts and squeezed down aisles that were a little less squeezable on Saturday. more »

C2E2 Day 2: Behold the Cute Face!

To counteract the terror and awkwardness of Day 1’s O-Face, I unleash my cute face. This is my boy model face, and would work great if I was either A) a young boy or B) a model. more »

C2E2 2013 Day 1: C2E2 vs My O-Face

Last year, I smirked my way through the Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo, and this year I tried something different. more »

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2Not many people appreciated the fine art of the point and smirk.Point & Smirk – To point and smirk at something more »

My Thoughts on C2E2 2011

I had fun at Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo this year, perhaps, more fun than San Diego. It should be said though that I’m not huge on conventions (or gathers or public) mostly because I’m not very big on signatures or dropping large wades of cas… more »

Scott Pilgrim vs The World vs Comic-Con

Here we are at Comic-Con 2: Electric Boogaloo… if you didn’t catch the first part of my San Diego Adventure, check it out here. As for now, alright, you got it out of me, I’ll tell you about Scott Pilgrim.Where were we? When we last left off, our… more »
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