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Cyberspace Madness: Boldly Sitting As No Man Has Sat Before

I have to applaud this study of William Riker sitting. The Riker Maneuver[video:youtube:lVIGhYMwRgs]I watched a lot of episodes of TNG and I never noticed this, and now I can’t not notice it. I think I was always more obsessed with Riker’s be… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Thumbs and Ammo and Jewel’s Teeth

Thumbs and Ammo might be one of the best things I’ve seen on internet.Suck it SpielbergIt’s even better than my site: Celebrities with Jewel’s TeethEver since Jewel fixed her teeth the world has been completely bereft of glorious snag… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Moonrise Kingdom Cosplay & D&D Wenches

These are Moonrise Kingdom finger puppets given to me for my birthday by friend Abbey (Hint… go to her Etsy store, it’s etstacular!). Of course, the reason this was given to me is not because I’m a huge Wes Anderson fan (which I am) or because I particu… more »

Cyberspace Madness: Because I Felt Like It

I got a lot of positive feedback about the Full House article, along with a lot of suggestions for new articles. Sage advice like, “You should do more articles like that?””Like what?””That are good.”The small amount of positive feedback has… more »

I’m Lazy and other Cyberspace Madness

I’m lazy and instead of writing anything new, I’m going to watch reruns of Twin Peaks. I could do something new, but you know… TV. As the chart will show, it seems the more free time I have the lazier I get. So, instead of me doing new things, enjoy… more »

Cyberspace Madness: You’ve been Goldblummed!

Jeff Goldblum does stuff, the sooner we learn this the better. He’s the best, he’s the brightest, and let’s not forget: Jeff Goldblum is not dead. And most important, Jeff Goldblum is the answer to every mystery. Aliens? Goldblum. Big Foot? Goldblum. L… more »
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