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Bang, Zoom! Domestic Violence or Space Travel?

One man, one fist, one sassy wife, and one moon: these are all the ingredients you need to fuel the space race. It started simply; Ralph Kramden wanted to punch his wife so hard that she would literally fly to the moon. Now, maybe, he didn’t wish her i… more »

Welcome to Casa de Kilmer

Val Kilmer Likes BreakfastSome of you may remember Val Kilmer from movies (no, it’s true, he was in genuine moving pictures), some of them actually very good, a lot of them not. He has the classic career destruction: he went from staring roles in g… more »

The Truth About Fat Men and Hot Wives in Sitcoms

What the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know There is a conspiracy of fat men on television. Why did Kevin James, Jim Belushi, and Mark Addy have TV shows? Talent? Hardly. Most would attribute the phenomenon by the simple equation fat equals funn… more »

Steven Seagal: Marked for Donuts

Question: How did Steven Seagal become Jim Belushi? Much like Carnegie Hall, the answer is practice, lots and lots of practice. Or is it doughnuts? Lots and lots of doughnuts? Steven Seagal shows off more than just his martial arts skills in his new… more »

Standing Fat: The Jesse Heiman Story

He is no one. But he is every man. He is no where. Yet he is everywhere. He is the night. Well, maybe not the night, but he’s, at least, a nice afternoon nap on a cloudy day. He is Jesse Heiman and he is the extra. Who is Jesse Heiman you may ask,… more »