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The Muppets: How Mickey Mouse Drank your Milkshake

Regardless of everything (this article included), the Muppets were the Muppets. A fun Muppet movie was promised and a fun Muppet movie was delivered. There was some minor hubbub by Frank Oz about this movie not being true to the Muppets. But I felt it… more »

Sewer Cinema: Manholes in Movie Posters

I’ve come to notice several movie posters with characters popping out of sewers in that hey-look-at-me-I’m-in-the-sewer-so-I-must-be-funny sort of way. Sometimes this makes sense as with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They live in the sewers hence p… more »

Honoring Hollywood’s Douche Grin

I’m still a little upset that Corey Haim was snubbed at the Academy Awards. It just stings that they could over look perhaps the greatest Corey of our time. I’ve always been a vehement Haim supporter. I believe the downfall of the Coreys can be tracke… more »

The Raping of Goldie Hawn

One of the most powerful and moving films of the past 30 years has got to be Overboard starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Perhaps best known for winning the 1988 Academy Award for Best Picture of All Time and defining an entire generation of rural m… more »

How I Explained the Green Hornet to my Wife

After seeing a commercial for the new Green Hornet movie, I explain who the Green Hornet is to my wife:Mrs. Gnards: Ugh, are you going to want to see that? What does he do? What are his powers? Does he get bit by a radioactive hornet? Gamma rays?… more »

I’m Losing My Mind: 10 Great Disembodied Heads

A nice disembodied head represent all that mankind hopes to aspire to. This is life everlasting. For a head. A giant head harkens back to birth as in an oversized baby’s head—big and full of life—but simultaneously it represents all that can be known… more »
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