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The Last Starfighter and Other Videogame Careers

The Last Starfighter is best know for, besides dazzling special effects (they’re timeless, I tell ya! Timeless!), for giving gamers hope, for giving gamers a reason to keep on gaming. You weren’t wasting your time at an arcade, you were training for th… more »

Where have all the Good Geeks Gone: Geek and Gamer Girls

It’s interesting that the Geek and Gamer Girls song by Team Unicorn has come under fire a little bit by the geek population at large, especially genuine geek girls.  The general gist of it being that these aren’t real geek girls, this isn’t a real celebr… more »

GameCrush: Video Vixens & Pixelated Pimps

Yes, girls play video games. Some even in their underwear. Most of them probably in pants. Still some genius out there thought, “How can I make money off of girls playing video games?” Well, gamer guys would surely love to play with gamer girls, righ… more »

The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox

Is it just me or is The Fantastic Mr. Fox and Star Fox’s Fox McCloud the same person? Identical cousins, at least.Mr. Fox is from new Wes Anderson movie based on the book by Roald Dahl. Fox McCloud is from the Star Fox game series that (along w… more »

Hoop Schemes: Ed O’Bannon Sues Video Games

Ed O’Bannon has taken some time from his career of piling street junk into a beat up pickup truck to speak out against the NCAA. Actually, I think he might be a used car salesman, which is much better than getting paid million of dollars to dribble a ba… more »

Advance Wars Murder

Of all the murders blamed on video games this is perhaps the nerdiest of all. While, Advance Wars has the name war in it, it hardly qualifies as a violent game. It’s a little more like chess, but with cartoon tanks. Fun to play, but hardly something t… more »
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