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Geek, Jock, or Viking

Some of my more jockish friends don’t seem to realize that the geekiest thing I’ve ever seen is them managing their fantasy baseball rosters. Fantasy teams takes away any actual physical aspect of sports and adds math to it. I cannot think of anything… more »

Where have all the Good Geeks Gone: Geek and Gamer Girls

It’s interesting that the Geek and Gamer Girls song by Team Unicorn has come under fire a little bit by the geek population at large, especially genuine geek girls.  The general gist of it being that these aren’t real geek girls, this isn’t a real celebr… more »

The Definitive Nerd vs. Geek

Call a Jedi a Trekkie and just see what happens. Lightsaber to the throat, kid. There’s nothing worse than being misclassified. It’s just a profound statement of just how misunderstood you really are. Do your parents really understand you? Not if th… more »