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Walter Peck: Environmental Hero

The exact moment I transitioned from a young, careful dude to a cranky old fart coincided with the realization that Walter Peck is just a guy who’s not only just doing his job, but he’s doing it fairly well. As I assume most of you know (and, hey, it be… more »

Slime & Suits: When Murray Stopped Being a Ghostbuster

The news is Bill Murray is definitely out of Ghostbusters 3, but as painful as it is, did anyone not see this coming? I think it’s safe to say that I have a pro-Murray stance. I In fact, I’ve made my career thus far off of worshiping Murray and all that… more »

I’ve Been Slimed: The Side Effects of Slime

If you’re anything like myself then you’ve always dreamed of being slimed. As a boy I rolled around in any stick, semi-viscous substance I could get my roll into, said “I don’t know” to questions I knew the answers to, and taunted every spook, spectre,… more »