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Cyberspace Madness: You’ve been Goldblummed!

Jeff Goldblum does stuff, the sooner we learn this the better. He’s the best, he’s the brightest, and let’s not forget: Jeff Goldblum is not dead. And most important, Jeff Goldblum is the answer to every mystery. Aliens? Goldblum. Big Foot? Goldblum. L… more »

The Many Ways A T-Rex Can Get in a Building

Andrew from Akron asks:My Dear Wolf Nards,I’ve always been bugged by the ending of Jurassic Park, how did the T-Rex get into the discovery center? I’ve looked at it from every angle and there wasn’t a door big enough for a tyrannosaurus. W… more »

How the Computer Virus Worked in Independence Day

From Gabe:I have a topic I was wondering if you could tackle, though.  Specifically: (how) is it possible that computer technology in 1996 could have infiltrated and infected the aliens’ technology to defeat them [in the movie Independence Day]?  Was… more »

Favorite Film Scientists and Assorted Smart Guys

Wolf Gnards talks a fairly good movie game. And if you haven’t noticed I talk a lot about nerds, too. Movies. Nerds. Movies. Nerds. It was only a matter time really for me to put that together. Lots of ways to go. Maybe, my favorite nerd movies?… more »