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Why do Ninjas Attack One at a Time?

When Mrs. Gnards asks, “What ya thinking about?” If I’m being truthful, the answer is usually ninjas. What’s it like to be a ninja? What do ninjas dream about (throwing stars)? Why do ninjas do what they do? To this point, a staple to many an action movi… more »

The Physics of the Crane Kick

Everyone’s doing it. No, one’s watching, the coast is clear, go ahead, do it. Get up on that beach stump, raise up your knee, and strike your best karate bird pose. It’s human nature (or is bird nature)… if you’re at the beach and you see a stump, y… more »

Kung Fu Bandito

Speaking of fake Kung Fu, I present you Kung Fu Bandito…[youtube]D2pDLJgdKBA[/youtube]I thought this was a real game but some sort of hack right up until the part he whips his penis out (Although, that could easily be a down, forward, punch attack)… more »

Best Fictional Martial Arts Techniques

Ever since my David Carradine tribute, people have been asking me if the Five Point Exploding Heart Technique is a real kung fu move. The simple answer is “no.” The slightly more complex answer is “Of course, it’s not real, are you some sort of mental!… more »