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Let the Nerd Battles Begin!

Two nerds enter, one nerd survives. Fact Pile puts up the ultimate pop culture head to heads. These Comic Book Battles pit some of our favorite characters against each other like Heroes vs. X-men. This would be a pretty even fight considering Heroes w… more »

How to Pick Up a Nerd

This one’s for the ladies, a handy dandy guide on how to pick up your very own nerd. That’s how to do akanbe, Japanese for “Sexy Nerd.” Actually, it’s a school girl taunt in Japan, the equivalent to “Neener, neener, nyah, nyah.” Simply pull dow… more »

The Definitive Nerd vs. Geek

Call a Jedi a Trekkie and just see what happens. Lightsaber to the throat, kid. There’s nothing worse than being misclassified. It’s just a profound statement of just how misunderstood you really are. Do your parents really understand you? Not if th… more »