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Robo ABC’s: Johnny 5 Can’t Read

I just finished The Hound of the Baskervilles the other day, and I think I may have solved a bit of a mystery myself. Not regarding the actual book, of course, but something in the cinema classic Short Circuit 2. I was a little hesitant actually to eve… more »

My Top 8 Movie Robots

Like all boys, I kept a hidden stash of robot specs, ninja scrolls, and jet pack plans underneath my bed. Playboys, of course, came later, but before that there was just glorious robots. An innocent time of robot wars. My particular favorite were mech… more »

Giant Robots Protect Japan!

Washington DC has the Lincoln Memorial… Japan has a 59 feet tall Gundam robot. Winner–Japan. A big plastic robot statue in the middle of a park, what’s not to love about that. The full-scale Gundam was commissioned to celebrate the 30th anni… more »