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Greek Tragedy: The True Paternity of the Girls on Full House

John Stamos is Greek. He’s really Greek. As in he’s really into being Greek, and he plays Greek roles, and he promotes Greek products. John Stamos is so Greek (How Greek is he!?), he’s so Greek that he had the producers of Full House change the charac… more »

Unified Chuck Cunningham Theory

Chuck Cunningham could be the world’s greatest illusionist: now you see him, now you don’t. Not only did he vanish from Happy Days without a trace, but he erased all evidence of his existence as well. What happened to Chuck Cunningham? Maybe, he witne… more »

The Truth About Fat Men and Hot Wives in Sitcoms

What the Government Doesn’t Want you to Know There is a conspiracy of fat men on television. Why did Kevin James, Jim Belushi, and Mark Addy have TV shows? Talent? Hardly. Most would attribute the phenomenon by the simple equation fat equals funn… more »

Danielle Fishel: Big Hair is Big Love

Or Topanga Meets SandwichDanielle Fishel, best known for playing mega haired Topanga on Boy Meets World, was a great nerd crush. Topanga was smart, quirky (perhaps a bit too granola), and she hung out the venerable dorks like Minkus and Ben Savage… more »