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The Wonders of Tachyons

By far my favorite bit of Sci-fi voodoo… a little deus ex tachyon particles. Meaning when in doubt throw in some tachyons. Are you a screen writer, and have you written yourself into a corner? No need to fear, tachyon particles are here. Call it a… more »

An Open Apology to Robert Picardo

Photo Courtesy of StarPulse I spend a great deal of my time (if not all of my time) trying to figure out what makes Robert Picardo angry. It haunts me… I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, just an occasional whisper, a cry for help from my chapped lips, “Pi-… more »

Isn’t She muSHa’: Klingon Beauty Pageant?

A little something to warm you up on those cold Klingon nights. Started at the 1999 more »

Your Star Trek Personality

If Spaced taught us anything, it’s that every odd number Star Trek film is crap. But the greater question, perhaps the unanswerable question, is who is the best Star Trek captain? Friendships have ended over this, brothers against brothers, wives again… more »

Geek Test – Is Spock Sexy?

Vlogger Philip Defranco came up with a nice geek test…If this picture does anything to your nether regions, if it twitches or moves, tingles, or pumps blood in any way then you just might be a geek. Sexy Spock was found on FreePicturesforYo… more »

Cruising in My ‘Lorean: Different Time Travel Speeds

Let’s check out out the Wolf Gnards mail bag…Little Brian A. asks:Didn’t the Delorean in Back to the Future only have to go 88mph to travel through time? How fast did other spaceships/cars/what-have-yous have to travel to create the black holes a… more »
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