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How Long Could Luke Survive in a Tauntaun?

All good Jedi know that the best way to survive a snow storm is in the snugly belly of your nearest Tauntaun. Just cut open with your handy dandy light saber, a single horizontal slice across the midsection will do, push squirming intestines aside, and… more »

Come to the Toasted Brown Side

Available at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is a Star Wars themed toaster. Just what chubby Star Wars fans needed: More carbs!That’s how they get you though because, of course, I want it, and I don’t even eat that much toast. But now every piece o… more »

Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

[youtube]x1IQGMODcis[/youtube]This is what I love about Youtube, the surprisingly high production values. If I made this it would most likely involve a paper cup and like nerf ball. While, not Hollywood quality, it’s much better than a regular person… more »

Most Wanted Action Figures

Sideshow Action figures with real action deformities! more »

Darth Vader Phone Home

When I was looking for Darth Vader pics (I know, what an awesome photoshop job), I ran across this little beauty. The Darth Vader Telephone! You too can have a direct line to evil Sith Lords. Call up Ewoks. Put Alderaan on hold… permanently. The D… more »

Hayden Christensen: Ruining the Things I Love

Speaking of getting with that fine ass Queen Amidala, it looks like that wooden rogue Anakin is settling down again. Hayden Christensen became engaged to Jumper co-star Rachel Bilson. It has not been confirmed but Christensen most likely proposed in a m… more »