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How to make a Button (or I’m Just Talkin’ ’bout Taft)

Continued from Part IAs you might have read earlier for some unknown reason, Busy Beaver Buttons asked me to make a superhero button. I said yes as I don’t need to be asked twice to self promote, but the problem then arises that I have to actually m… more »

Beavers and Wolf Gnards and Shawnimals… Oh My!

Busy Beaver Button Co, best known for dancing beavers (and affordable buttons, I guess), is launching a new button series for their Button-O-Matic vending machines: Superheroes! And naturally they needed some heroes to design these super buttons. So, t… more »

How I Explained the Green Hornet to my Wife

After seeing a commercial for the new Green Hornet movie, I explain who the Green Hornet is to my wife:Mrs. Gnards: Ugh, are you going to want to see that? What does he do? What are his powers? Does he get bit by a radioactive hornet? Gamma rays?… more »

The Problem with Superhero Costumes

I was reading this story about a firefighter dressing up as Spider-Man to save an autistic child, and it got me thinking about super suits. A real life Spider-Man would run into some major wardrobe malfunctions. In a real fire whatever synthetic materi… more »

Shadow Hare To the Rescue

Who is the Shadow Hare? Cincinnati Superhero[youtube]Da1ADqPplQ4[/youtube]Obviously the Shadow Hare uses his skinny body and high pitch voice to strike fear in the hearts of criminals. And Shadow knows much like Batman that criminals are essentiall… more »

Zatanna on Smallville

Zatanna Zatara made a guest spot on Smallville. Nothing more than a bad actress on a bad show, but still it’s Zatanna. How often is there going to be a living, breathing witch in fishnet stockings. They’re not going to make a Zatanna movie any time so… more »