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Terminator: Operation Shady Acres

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the news lately, what with his divorce and his illegitimate spawnenegger love child, but it all started with the hint of a possible Terminator 5. Maybe, Terminator 5 was all part of an elaborate smoke screen: Don’t look… more »

The Clock in San Dimas is Always Running

Let us go on a journey… a journey of the bogus. It seems to me that as well remembered as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey is equally reviled. A man of a certain age and a certain time, a “Dude” for lack of a be… more »

My Favorite Temporal Paradoxes in Movies

Figuring out Time Machine speeds reminded me about my all time favorite temporal anomalies and paradoxes. For those of you unfamiliar with Star Trek or comic books or science fiction of any kind, a temporal anomaly is any sort of change a time traveler… more »

Cruising in My ‘Lorean: Different Time Travel Speeds

Let’s check out out the Wolf Gnards mail bag…Little Brian A. asks:Didn’t the Delorean in Back to the Future only have to go 88mph to travel through time? How fast did other spaceships/cars/what-have-yous have to travel to create the black holes a… more »