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Val Kilmer is Everyone

So, it appears my legions of fans (or should I say, “legion of fan”) have been waiting for more about Val Kilmer. I met Kilmer at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and there seems to be a lot more excitement than I would have thought about that.… more »

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2

I Point & Smirk My Way Through C2E2Not many people appreciated the fine art of the point and smirk.Point & Smirk – To point and smirk at something more »

Welcome to Casa de Kilmer

Val Kilmer Likes BreakfastSome of you may remember Val Kilmer from movies (no, it’s true, he was in genuine moving pictures), some of them actually very good, a lot of them not. He has the classic career destruction: he went from staring roles in g… more »

Real Genius, Bad Death Ray

Real Genius as we now know is pound for pound the greatest Val Kilmer movie of all time. Go ahead, name a better? Val Kilmer might have entered a different weight class, but try to harken back when he was a young genius with the world ahead of him. A wo… more »