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Val Kilmer is Everyone

So, it appears my legions of fans (or should I say, “legion of fan”) have been waiting for more about Val Kilmer. I met Kilmer at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, and there seems to be a lot more excitement than I would have thought about that.… more »

Geek, Jock, or Viking

Some of my more jockish friends don’t seem to realize that the geekiest thing I’ve ever seen is them managing their fantasy baseball rosters. Fantasy teams takes away any actual physical aspect of sports and adds math to it. I cannot think of anything… more »

Examining Elvira

I love when they dig Elvira up for Halloween, you know it’s fall when the leaves are falling and Elvira’s boobs are heaving. Year after year… after year, and I have no complaints. So, how has Elvira managed to capture our imaginations for these 80 od… more »

The Definitive Nerd vs. Geek

Call a Jedi a Trekkie and just see what happens. Lightsaber to the throat, kid. There’s nothing worse than being misclassified. It’s just a profound statement of just how misunderstood you really are. Do your parents really understand you? Not if th… more »