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Where There’s Trouble There’s a Werewolf

On the Controversy Surrounding the Werewolf Guide to LifeOne thing about Milwaukee I never could stomach… all the damn werewolves. The news is reporting two young women were arrested and accused of luring a teenage boy to their apartment for fun and… more »

Coming to Terms with Teen Wolf

It seems like a fair amount of the Internet has been waiting for me to dismantle the new Teen Wolf TV series. Even before it aired people wanted me to lambast it with biting retorts. I actually saw the first 15 minutes of Teen Wolf way back at Comic-Co… more »

Why Don’t Werewolves Wearpants?

I’m concerned about the growing trend of naked werewolves. Yes, that’s right, Wolf Gnards is against wolf gnards. It used to be a Wolfman wore torn pants and little ripped shirt, you could probably even throw a tattered hat on Lon Chaney, Jr. This was… more »

Teen Wolf Survey: Scott or the Wolf?

It appears Teen Wolf has raised more questions than simply can a werewolf can dunk (which… duh… we’ve all seen the movie, yes, werewolves dunk), namely would you rather get with Scott or the Wolf. Are you a Boof? Or are you a Pamela? Do you like t… more »

Can a Werewolf Dunk?

Killing chickens and running from angry villagers is one thing, dunking a basketball is something entirely different. Is Teen Wolf correct? Can a werewolf slam dunk a basketball? The answer is simple: yes… and, maybe, no. If Michael Jordan was a we… more »

Jones Soda Gots Gnards

I saw this at the store and couldn’t resist the limited edition Jones Soda Candy Corn. I saw the wolfman and thought there needed to be the an official beverage of Wolf Gnards. Sounds kind of gross, and I probably wouldn’t classify the flavor as good.… more »
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