Album: Art


Looking Foxy

09/20/09 23:58

Mr Fox vs. Fox McCloud

But they’re foxes,
Identical foxes all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.



09/03/09 22:44

The new Wolf Gnards Banner! Why does it make me want to sing, “It’s a Grand Old Flag?”



07/19/09 11:07

I can’t decide if my favorite one is Paul Stanley or Peter Criss.

I really have to make the Mask Mask happen.

Saving the world one boob at a time. The only thing kinkier than DC’s Power Girl is the S & M wonder.


Hadouken League

06/21/09 21:50

If only there was an official Hadouken League! But how do you measure pretend fireballs?

I don’t know why Wonder Women needs to be half nakes (more like 2/3’s naked), but I’m not going to complain.

There needs to be more hot superheroes all about tying naughty boys up.

A classic example of Wonder Women’s sadomasochist hang up. Yes, Wonder Woman is, in fact, tied to a giant exploding penis.

The only power Quail-Man had was white power.


My Zombatar

04/24/09 10:04

Is it possible that I look better as a Zombie than I do in real life? As I side note: I need to own that T-shirt!

I love the idea that someone took the time to sketch a beautifully drawn portrait of Adam Morrison. Joel Kimmel Illustrations has a lot of these inked portraits of NBA players, kind of weird but kind of awesome, too.


I’m in a Bear!

02/20/09 22:29

I slept like I was in a bear’s stomach last night. Indigesty.

The latest issue of the Hulk is a slug fest between the Incredible Hulk and the Terrible Taft. The start out punching and throwing buses on each other, William H. Taft bites a chunk out of the Hulk’s shoulder, then Hulk pulls off his mustache. They end up eating dinner at Buca di Beppo.

What’s a better name? Obama-Man or Spider-Barack?

Starring Jonah Hill, Kenan Thompson, Tina Majorino, Jeff Cohen, Raushan Hammond, Gary Lee Cavagnaro, and introducing Frankie the Cat as Burritostein.