Album: Celebrities


TV Fat Guys

03/31/10 23:29

The classic fat guy lean and arm fold.

You to can live out your own adventures with America’s favorite Asian. Complete with medical degree and kung fu grip.



12/21/09 21:34

Move over gold bikini Leia, there’s a new cosplay fantasy in town.

Finally, calibrated piece of judgmental machinery attuned to Masi Oka’s shenanigans.

By popular demand, Zooey Deschanel and her 1:1 Face to Bang Ratio. 50% bang, 50% face, and a 100% cute.

I also hear her bangs are gluten free!



08/06/09 20:15

John Hughes RIP
February 18, 1950 – August 6, 2009

The greatest Nets player since Yinka Dare.

Things are not always pretty for an awkward ginger. On the bright side, Ron Weasley and Rocky Dennis both managed to get girls that were way out of their leagues. On the dark side, this only happened in the movies.



07/16/09 23:41

Don’t look at me like that. Don’t make this wrong and dirty.

A playful flick of the tongue.



06/16/09 23:14

Don’t Drive Angry.

Kissinger: Power, Diplomacy-and TV

Those were the times. Whenever TV Guide was innocent before Al Roker. Before all the lusting and autoerotic asphyxiation.



05/31/09 21:47

Yo, is that Rufio. I think that’s Rufio. Ru-Fi-O. However, you want to say it, whenever I see Rufio make a guest appearance I always get excited.



05/27/09 20:56

Damn that Snuggie’s Rock ‘n Roll.

Spilled red wine? Pet Stains? Mildew? No Problem, not with the space age adsorption powers of Ben Folds’ face.

I always picture myself as Ferris Bueller, but I’m definitely more of a Cameron Frye. Actually, I’m not even Cameron I’m more of a Jeanie-Mrs. Poole hybrid with a smidge of Matthew Broderick from WarGames. God, I’m a geek.

Masi Oka giving his best power fist, but in actuality is just NBC’s little yellow puppet.


Young James Taylor

04/19/09 21:33

From the cover of JT. It looks like JT has become ug-ly. A lot of people will say he’s still better looking than yours truly, but I always looked this bad. How many regrets does James Taylor have?


Young Brian Posehn

04/19/09 21:33

From handsome to ugly. No wonder he’s got so much nerd rage!


Tegan & Sara Art

04/08/09 20:49

This drawing makes them look like indie wood nymphs.