Album: Miscellaneous

Can a werewolf dunk?


Brokeback Tauntaun

12/13/09 22:57

A little Star Wars pillow talk.

Just to let you understand how bad I am with Photoshop, it took me about two weeks to make this picture.

That’s two weeks of my life that I’m not getting back, so you better enjoy this Sparkling Dracula!

A flow chart for bad actresses.


Ufo Cap Raincoat

09/02/09 20:00

This is a punch waiting to happen or, at least, two panstings and wedgie.

Plastic tubes and pots and pans
Bits and pieces (and)
Bits and pieces (and)
(bits of) my creation–is it real?
Its my creation–i do not know

Oh, they just don’t theme songs like Oingo Boingo anymore.



07/01/09 01:15

I have to say I like Steven Hawking’s chance in a fight. I mean Seth Green has full body control, but Hawking’s has the chair (we don’t know how it’s rigged) and a complete working knowledge of the Universe.


The Wizard

06/18/09 22:17

It’s an hour and half add for Super Mario Bros. 3, but it’s a hell of an ad for Super Mario Bros. 3.

Nerds are hard at work putting together a giant toy Gundam.

Gundam lights up Tokyo. Godzilla yet to make his move.


Just your average story of transforming robot meets girl, girls gets into trouble, robot saves the day with the power of girl kisses.

Even perversion in Japan is adorable.

It would be very hard to ever be invisible looking like. Instead she shushes you in a coy manner. Works about just as good.



05/28/09 23:15

Yes, those pillows are sexy. Yes, they have large breast. And yes, they’re having a very important meeting.



05/19/09 20:55

This guy looks so much like Tobey Maguire that this is what I imagine Tobey Maguire actually does when he hits the clubs. I’m sure he’s like, “Yeah, hey, what’s up… spider-man here. Want to dance? No. That’s cool.”


Artwork Ablaze

05/15/09 23:50

Borders Books discontinuation of graphic novels is much like the burning of books.

Obama’s action figure looks like it could kick some major butt.


Lobster Boy Action

05/14/09 21:32

I can finally have Doc Ock fight a Lobster Boy. You dream and you dream about something, but you never believe it will happen.


Buy the Force

05/14/09 21:32

That Force is mint condition!



03/29/09 11:46

If given a choice between being with the real life Serinda Swan (the actress who portrayed Zatanna or a cartoon image, I honestly think I’d pick the cartoon. Mmmmmm… Zatanna.