I’m not getting Enough Writing Done

So, I had another sleepless night. Well, not entirely sleepless, but that weird sleep dreaming sort of state. And in this state, all I could do was lament on my writing. Of course, if I was that upset I could always have gotten up and actually done work, but that would be productive and that’s not something I do. Besides, I had to get up to go to my menial job the next day to do menial things.

But in this sleep dream haze, all I could do was mumble about my lady friend not letting me do my thing. Meanwhile, she pretty much always lets me do my thing. What was the big offense that sparked such sleepless rage? She changed the channel, while I was writing. Yes, I write with the TV on. Do I really watch it? Not really. Does it need to be on something I like. Hell, yes, it does! I shouldn’t get weird about it, but I do. But the Tv really doesn’t matter either. What I was really tossing and turning about was a stupid power point presentation I had to do for work. The second I finished, I was no longer angry, I was no longer lamenting.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m not writing enough. The particular puzzler I’ve been working on involves the fast paced world of embroidery. Every book should have an embroidery scene, I learned that from Mrs. Dalloway. Where is this novel going if I’m talking about cross stitching?

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Comment from: Dee Dee Supreme [Visitor]
But it’s uckin’ awesome embroidery!
06/04/09 @ 08:39

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