Comic Book Printing

Haven’t started doing anything with the comic besides open the files, stare at them blankly, then close them.

I’m currently trying to decide where to get these bad boys printed. I should figure this out before I actually do anything, so I don’t have formatting issues. I’ve narrowed it down to www.lulu.com and www.KA-BLAM.com. Both of these digital publishers make it pretty easy, I just have to upload files, they do everything, and send me the copies. Definitely beats Kinkos.

Ka-Blam is a little cheaper and they offer glossy comic book covers. But their website is so crappy looking, it makes me nervous for some reason. My grandpappy used to say, “Never trust a man with a crappy website” (and no jokes about not trusting me). And Ka-Blam makes you put in a big ugly add for themselves to make it only make it only marginally cheaper.

Lulu is a little more professional looking and has lots more options… however, all their bells and whistles make them more expensive. At the end of the day, all I really care about is price.

Either way, I’ll end up with something that actually looks like a comic book. Not something stapled together by a insane person (that being me), or a a 3rd grade book report.

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Comment from: Term Papers [Visitor] · http://flashpapers.com
But their website is so crappy looking, it makes me nervous for some reason. My grandpappy used to say.
01/18/10 @ 03:12
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