About Word Nerd

The Word Nerd is more or less my personal writing blog. Whereas the bulk of Wolf Gnards is devoted to the unbiased reporting of everything geeky, Word Nerd is about the near & dear subject of writing. This is where I can discuss my writing process for all those who are interested (which I assume is no one). Maybe, I’ll even get a little Doogie Howser up in this motha and share some life lessons to beautifully synthesized keyboard music. Expect to see snippets or whole chunks of my own work. My fiction is hard to place, it’s not quite magical realism but somewhere in that vicinity. Most call it strange, sometimes disturbing, but always in the best of ways.

For those interested in what I’m reading, check out my Book Reviews. You’ll also find resources on Comic Books: both original work and other comic book info.


Contact Word Nerds at [email protected].

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