Scanned the Comic Book

I finally got around to scanning my comic book. It took me months to draw, months to scan, and now let’s see if I ever finish anything else with it. And I’m sure when I actually do finish my comic the first thing anyone will say is, “It took you how long? And it’s this crappy?”

But anyway here’s my one of my favorite panels.

kiss cartoon

Just how KISS fits in with the rest of the comic, you’ll just have to wait and see. And unlike other KISS comics, it will not feature authentic KISS blood in the ink, but I may get Journey to squeeze out a few drops.

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The Ever Lovin’ Hulk

This is how they should have remade the Hulk movie…

“Belted by gamma rays… ain’t he unglamorays.” That’s a line that’s just very close to be genius. The hulk should have just been going around being all like “I’m big, I’m ugly, I’m angry, but I’m kind of lovable, too. Ain’t my fault I’m unglamorays.” We used to let cartoon writers get away with unglamorays, it doesn’t seem we let them get away with that anymore. The writing is still bad, but in the most bland of ways.

It’s the same thing with comic books really. Comic writers today take themselves very seriously, and in doing so they really miss some major opportunities to have fun with their art. Because if comic books can’t be fun anymore, what can be?

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Super Friends: Spider-Man & Obama

spider-man barack obama

Marvel Comics recently did a special inauguration team-up of Spider-Man and Barack Obama. To say Marvel is cashing in on the presidency would be a gross understatement. But then again everyone is cashing in on Barack Obama… buses, t-shits, Starbucks. Anyone and everyone is making money off the 44th president. Since, President Obama himself is a devoted Spidey fan, the special Marvel issue only seems natural. I just don’t know if a comic book is the place to make a political statement. Actually, that’s untrue, comics are great places to make political statements, V for Vendetta for example. I just don’t think comic books are the best place to make money off of this particular political statement.

It definitely just seems that Joe Quesada has dollar signs in his eyes. They rush out and they reprint and reprint a special Spider-Man issue, but what message are they really sending out? At one point in the comic, Barack is all like, “You the dog, Spidey… pound it.” I have to say it seems a little racist to me. The issue was written by Zeb Wells, a writer I have no animosity towards, but is generally known for his whiteness. Fans at comic-cons often walk away muttering, “That is the whitest human being I have ever seen.” Zeb is a shade away from transparent! I’m not saying he’s a klan member, but bumping fists with Spider-Man, Zeb? Really?

I’m actually a little surprised they didn’t have a double-duo attack of Sarah Palin and Doc Ock. Although, I do have to admit that the one politics in comix that I did enjoy was that Lex Luthor was President of the DC universe during George W. Bush’s stint in the White House. Other than that, comics should just stick to telling good, fun stories. That’s something that I’m always latching onto the fact that comic books have lost any degree of having fun.

Although, I’m looking forward to the super-sized issue of the Incredible Hulk vs. William H. Taft.

Hulk vs. Taft
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