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  1. § Nicki Email said on :
    No one’s gonna believe that Donkey Lips died, basically because it’s one of those things you never want to believe so it’s best to pretend he’s still living and making stellar movies.
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I did hear before he died that he got offered a roll in Chunky Butts.

  3. § pallor said on :
    jerry supiran is doing well and living a private life. he is not dead obviously. jerry doesnt post photos because he would like his privacy!! he is doing fine though.
    any correspondence you would like can be made to
    [email protected]
    he will get your message.
    thank you and please have respect for his privacy..not everyone wants to be in the spotlight…
    thank you. with respect.
  4. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I can’t vouch for whether or not the above email is a hot line to Jerry Supiran or not, but I’ll leave it up to you. If you’re genuinely curious about Jerry, I encourage anyone to reach out to him, but if you’re a jerk such as myself, you should probably just leave him alone.

    That is, of course, if he’d not dead… or Billy Corgan.
  5. § davakins Email said on :
    I met Jerry in the summer of 2000, he’s a cool guy, leave him the fuck alone
  6. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    The point of this wasn’t to be a bother to Jerry, but to show that he does have fans who are interested in what he’s up to.

    His wikipedia page said he was dead for years. Little things like correcting that are just meant to be helpful.

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