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  1. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :

    What?!? Natalie Portman is only half the woman I am. No, literally– she’s tiny.

  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :

    I’d like to point out that you’re tiny as well, 6-inch heels does not make you 6-inches taller.

    Although, upon further inspection, she does have some major league midget legs going on… yet, it doesn’t bother me one bit.

  3. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :

    6-inch heels does SO make me taller. I’m 6’0″, beeyatch.

  4. § kyle Email said on :

    Dee Dee Supreme your a dumb little <bleep>!!

  5. § J. M. S. Esq. Email said on :

    Dee Dee Supreme, bleep you, bleep and bleep bleep bubbles bleep watch Academy Award winning film, Con Air.

  6. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :

    I think everyone is missing the point that Natalie Portman is hot. Her hotness should be bringing this world together, not tearing this world apart.

  7. § zombiedoll0 Email said on :

    OMG!!!Natalie Portman,not jst nerds are in live with her, some girls r too lol like me n im also a nerd 😛 but Natalie is super HOT n BEAUTIFUL..other girls that talk bad about her there jst hating lol

  8. § Term Papers Email said on :

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