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  1. § Nicki Email said on :
    That is too funny that I thought about the same thing when I watched Doug. And just to get it out of the way, I set out to watch Doug, I came home from school, I know it would be on at 3:30 and I put it on at 3:30. There.
    I always thought that Doug was white and everyone else was every color else just so the cracker kids watching the show had someone to relate to. At least Hey Arnold had the black friend, but he lived in a urban setting. Doug isn’t racist by his own means, he just doesn’t know any better.
  2. § joe Email said on :
    dont forget the place they ate was called honkey burger
  3. § Vegas86 Email said on :
    i remember roger klotz always saying, “sayanara suckers” (not sure if i spelled it right) doesn’t that mean see you later in japanese or something? Also he had a pet cat named stinky.
  4. § jeraldi said on :
    hey i have something to say. maybe all you asians should spend more time in asain restaurants thinking of better food. last time i ate at an asian restaurant it had seven kinds of the same chicken with seven different names and the food was crap. and it was 11 dollars a person. and you know what? i didnt tip, yeah thats right it was so nasty i didnt even tip.
  5. § jeraldi said on :
    if doug offends asians, you should watch the music video for eastside vs westside by baby d. that should offend asians. i dont rant no trouberr. haha. im seriously. you should watch it. black people dont like asians either
  6. § Vegas86 Email said on :
    lol that’s funny he thinks we’re all asian. i have not a drop of it in my blood.
  7. § Vegas86 Email said on :
    i’m black/irish and i have many asian friends (mostly flip and cambodian). even though i’m half white and have an entire white portion of family i don’t really have any white friends, just a few.
  8. § tyler said on :
    that is funny as shyt…and I’m white! I honestly never noticed any of that or even thought about that and I watched the show for years. I think some people just over think things, particularly colored people analyzing caucasian peoples underlying purposes, which are usually ridiculous. But the argument is very persuasive! hah
  9. § Kyle said on :
    This is absolutely ridiculous….find something legitimate to complain about and leave an innocent children’s show alone. I’m from Richmond, which, yes, was the capital of the Confederacy…150 years ago! Now we are one of the most diverse regions in Virginia. I’m sure I could find some sort of “racism” in just about any show if I tried hard enough…get a life.
  10. § tyrone Email said on :
    Roger Klotz had orange hair. ORANGE. I don’t know one single Asian that has naturally orange hair. You seem misconstrue information that doesn’t fit your “boo-hoo-everyone-is-racist” interpretation.
  11. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
  12. § lalalady Email said on :
    I completely agree with tyrone. It is ABSURD the way that people bash everything by pulling the race card. I never got any sense that anyone on the show was any particular race. I grew up watching and loving Doug and I thought it was great that no one except him was even a human color. It made the show diverse and fanciful at the same time.

    Did it ever occur to the person writing this that maybe it was just a fun kid’s show? Maybe the people who write entertaining material for children aren’t all psychotic like Walt Disney? I’ve never seen people for their color and I never saw anything that went on in Doug as racist. There was no indication of anyone’s race. His best friend was blue and the girl he liked was brownish orange. He didn’t avoid getting together with her on account of her race, the show was about kids who were younger than the typical dating age. He had a crush and was shy. It happens.

    Please stop pointing fingers at southern artists because they’re from the south and that automatically makes them racist in your mind. Some of the most open-minded and brilliant people in history have been from the south (Mark Twain, the entire late abolitionist movement, etc.) To assume that a southerner wrote a racist cartoon with as little basis as this is as, if not more ignorant than what you’re accusing him of.
  13. § Commandertaco said on :
    Sorry, I like this guy’s theory better. http://dougfunniesjournal.blogspot.com/2010/01/on-color-of-people.html Doug Funny is crazy and sees people in colors based on their personality. It’s like The Village. Sorry if I spoiled something from The Village. If you haven’t watched it, you don’t want to. I’ll save you the time.
  14. § Mudkips Email said on :
    Or maaaybbeee the author ISN’T trying to pull the race card and wrote an amusing article about an old children’s cartoon for the entertainment of others!

    The funny part is, the people who are all OMG HE’S PULLING THE RACE CARD! are probably the one’s who do it themselves.

    (Personally, this cracked me up. Great job again, Wolf Gnards)
  15. § Mirkwoodlodge Email said on :
    The best part of this hi-damn-larious article is the definitely the hate filled responses. You’ve earned a new reader, Wolf Knards. Heil Doug!

    By the way, I’m from Mississippi, apparently the most racist state in the history of minority bashing, according to some.
  16. § You Are A Email said on :
    How many layers of panties to you put on in the morning to keep your liberal ass warm?

    “Let’s see…America’s in an economic crisis, genocide plagues African countries, there are bombings due to race and religion daily, but I’m going to pick apart a Nick show created in the early 90s because I’m an attention-seeking whore.”

    Sounds good to me. This is just another reason why you should stop focusing on the COLOR of your skin and concentrate on having THICKER skin, weakling.
  17. § Chicknstah Email said on :
  18. § salmi Email said on :
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