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  1. § stockwell Email said on :
    Do you know for a fact that the decision was made because comics and comics readers are not desired in Borders stores? Is it not possible that graphic novels simply don’t sell well enough compared to all other items in most Borders stores? I’m guessing that the Mang section in Borders isn’t going anywhere, because they sell VERY well and receive a lot of support from their publishers. That’s also a factor. What kind of input/promotional support does Borders receive from the major comics publishers. In most Borders stores the graphic novel section is HORRIBLY maintained.

    Let’s look at one more issue: Borders, as a chain, is about *this* close to closing its doors forever. If they replace line of items in their stores with items that sell better, they have a much better chance of surviving.

    Am I sorry to see comics sold in one less major venue? Absolutely not. I love comics and want more people to read them. But if a big store that treats comics like third-class citizens (at best) decides that cutting them loose might help ensure their survival, I’m not getting too bent out of shape.
  2. § Darius Whiteplume Email said on :
    It is a shame, as Borders typically carries a bigger variety than B&N. They tend to carry the more mature manga. B&N are pretty prudish.

    Manga readers may be to blame, as in bookstores they seem to be manga _readers, not manga _buyers.

    Frankly, I get all my books online these days. The big bookstore is a dinosaur; an expensive, unimaginative dinosaur 🙂
  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    It’s true that the exact reasons for removing the graphic novel section is unclear. It could very well have nothing to do with not wanting me in the store.

    Here’s what we know for sure:
    1) They’re closing down the sections.
    2) They don’t like me.

    It’s only natural to come to the inclusion that it’s a personal attack. It’s true that Borders is doing poorly, but of their 30 store sections they’re only losing Graphic Novels and Greeting Cards.

    The problem very well could be the Manga section. Without any real industry knowledge they just buy anything (mostly movie or animated related). Makes for a lot of bad stock.

    We should be sad to see it go though. The big chain bookstore, as Dinosaur as it may be, is a status mark. It shows that graphic novels have reached this level of respectability. The fact that comic books are the first thing that a dying chain is dumping cannot bold well for comic book industry as a whole. Are long is before comics are dead themselves?
  4. § SK said on :
    While I hate to see Borders no longing selling graphic novels I doubt very much it’s a personal “I hate comics” decision.

    One of their number crunchers probably found for the shelf space they occupy, they weren’t generating sufficient revenue. And thus the choice to replace the section with a more profitable product was made.

    Although it’s probably of cold comfort for those wanting to find graphic novels @ Borders, it’s not like Borders is caving in to some “morality” group for their removal.
  5. § Nicki Email said on :
    Is it ok if I still shop at Amazon?
  6. § Nicki Email said on :
    Also, like everyone, I don’t agree that their decision has anything to do with you, it has to do with me. See, I’ve been putting off my desire to pick up some comics and get into them so Borders was tired of waiting for me to come around and this is clearly an act of despite. So, sorry comic fans!
  7. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Amazon is good to go. What everyone should really do is simply support their local comic book shops.

    Borders and Waldenbooks are the only two to be avoided, and I’m not sure there are that many Waldens left anyway. So, already… good job on the boycott everyone.
  8. § Amy said on :
    The graphic novel section is as strong as its always been at all my local Borders. Maybe it was just your store? I know they had a big general inventory sell off to make room for new titles earlier in the year.
  9. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Like I said, Borders has NOT removed the graphic novel section from all stores. Many stores will maintain the section. What I was told by Borders was, “Please be advised the Graphic Novel inventory has not been removed from all Borders, Waldenbooks, Borders Express, or Borders Outlet inventory, but has been from some.” I have no idea what the exact extent of “some” is, but I imagine it’s more than half.

    They did give me a tip on how to determine if a store is still carry comic books:

    To determine the availability of the Graphic Novel inventory at a local Borders store you can search online at Borders.com:

    1. Locate the title of the book, music, or movie that you are searching for.

    2. Once the title has been found in the system, you may enter your zip code at the top right corner underneath “Reserve in Store”, which can be found by the list price and under “Add to Cart” and “Add to Wish List”.

    3. After entering your zip code and clicking on “Go”, you will see a list of stores that are nearest to your zip code and the availability of the item.
  10. § Um. Email said on :
    Um. You are wrong – Borders is not removing comics or Graphic Novels from it’s stores. Why would you suggest this without presenting clear and compelling evidence and more importantly, why would readers jump on board mindlessly? Hello lemming mentality…
  11. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Um, the evidence is in the stores.

    Step 1: Walk into store.
    Step 2: Look for Graphic Novel section.
    Step 3: Don’t find Graphic Novel section.
    Step 4: Ask, “What happened to Graphic Novel section?”
    Step 5: Teller explains, “They’re cutting back on Graphic Novels in select stores.”
    Step 6: Leave in defeat.

    If you would have read the entire article you would have seen that I said that the Graphic Novel sections were removed from some stores, not all stores. And I also provided pertinent information from Borders Corporate headquarters in a follow up comment. Everyone is also well within their rights to contact Borders themselves to find out further information.
  12. § stockwell Email said on :
    See, now you’re changing the story. The implication in the original post is that Borders is cutting graphic novels most, but not all, of their stores. (That’s what you’re implying.) Now you’re telling us that an employee said they’re cutting back on graphic novels in SELECT stores. That implies that most Borders will continue to have graphic novels, but a few will not.

    This is a reason to boycott a chain of bookstores? It’s more like a cheap ploy to drive traffic to your website. Goodbye.
  13. § drow said on :


  14. § wallow-T said on :
    Um, have you guys seen what Borders has done to the music CD selection?

    Borders is a distressed retailer dumping slow-moving product lines. What’s to boycott?
  15. § Um. Email said on :
    Gnards, that’s sloppy journalism. Who did you talk to? Customer service center in India? How about trying a publisher or the buyer for the category or anyone with some credibility. I double dare you.
  16. § Dave Email said on :
    Dude, enough with the hysteria! Geez, it only took you one paragraph to compare Borders to the Nazi party!

    Borders, like many other retailers, is in serious financial straits. Graphic novels and Manga are high shrink sections of the store (meaning that they get stolen a lot.) If Borders can squeeze a few cost savings from some stores, they’ll do it. I assure you, Borders is not anti-comics.

    BTW, a boycott will only worsen Borders situation, leading to more closings and inventory reductions. Seems kind of counter-productive, no?
  17. § Stoney Email said on :
    As a Borders employee and comic reader, I feel I would be remiss to point out that those of you feeling “affected” by this may be part of the problem.
    Over the past 6 years, I have seen continual growth in most stores’ graphic novels section, including but not limited to Manga titles. This was a huge step by Borders to reach out to the community you claim to be.
    In the past 3 years, I have also noticed a huge increase in the number of people sitting in aisles of my bookstore with huge stacks of manga and graphic novels. Reading? Yes. Buying? No.


    If you want to be taken seriously as a “demographic” or “market”, make yourself noticeable. If a business doesn’t make money off of you, why do you demand their attention? Borders is a business, and they stock books that sell. They’re expanding Kids sections and Cookbooks, know why? BECAUSE PEOPLE BUY THESE BOOKS.

    They’re also reducing the CD and DVD sections, but you’re not complaining about discrimination against people with ears, are you? Douche.
  18. § Stoney Email said on :
    Also, nice going on “getting on the radar”. After getting that out, I realize that you’re probably just doing this to get some attention and get people coming to your site.

    Nice. I repeat, DOUCHE.
  19. § Nicki Email said on :
    Attention Uptight People. Lighten the fuck up! Nards went into his local Borders, found out they are getting rid of the comic section and he got upset. That doesn’t mean some other comic fan isn’t going to go to a Borders and have the same experience but there will be someone else who will and will be able to relate. For fuck’s sake I wanted to set a book on fire for referencing the wrong character in a Nightmare on Elm St movie so I can relate to his level of frustration. I’m damn sure he isn’t trying to start a fuckin’ riot and have every one read this and set their local Borders on fire. If it’s not an issue in your Borders, move the fuck along, if you feel this dude’s pain about it, rock, if you’re suffering the same pain, then you can relate to this blog post. This isn’t CNN people, it’s a fuckin’ blog so chill the fuck out. The end.
  20. § Frank L said on :
    Why has this dump not shut its doors yet? The floor is nasty, the light blubs are burnt out, the bathrooms smell as bad as the carpet, there is no inventory, the employees hate the under paid job, AA is scaming share holders into thinking they will rebuild as they receive HUGE pay checks and burn there creditors, Just get it over with and lock the doors!
  21. § A Email said on :
    I have worked at Borders for several years and you are certainly not the only one with this/similar complaints. A good number of books we used to stock are now available only online. This is offensive to me not only as a customer and representative of the store, but also as an author. When books are not readily available to browse and read that day, people are much less likely to buy them. I’ve concluded without a doubt that the books which are no longer available in store are provocative, unusual, or niche books, which means the move is a trend moving toward a publishing dictatorship. I encourage you to boycott this store for this and many other reasons and stop this by any means necessary.

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