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  1. § PlainJane said on :
    I think the answer to the ending could be pretty simple actually. I think maybe Cameron after “taking a stand” begins to disperse from reality and integrated with his true identity which is Ferris. I think its possible that Ferris and Cameron are the same character, just different parts of how one man views himself as a youth. I think “Cameron” could represent how the character feels and how feels he’s viewed. “Ferris” as we see in the movie is a caricature of the facade. Ferris probably being his actual name, the Ferris presented to the viewer is the man the character WANTS to be. I think this would make sense given how teenagers typically view themselves (usually quite self deprecating) and how they wish to be (superhuman). Teenage minds often seem to think extremes, say things like ” you’ve ruined my life” or ” I’m dying” ( the latter which Cameron says when refusing to go out at first). I think really Cameron and Ferris are one in the same, just that Ferris is his name in reality. His day off is his “day off” from the confines of his own self concept (ie physically embodied for the viewer as Cameron) and by the end of the movie, he reconciles his inner demons, and fully integrates after “destruction of the car”. Perhaps taking the car itself was more of a symbolic device, like Cameron himself. The car doesn’t exist any more than Cameron does, the car and Cameron serve as physical devices to explains Ferris’ choice to just fully become the man he imagines he should be and discard his previous self concept. I think like the car, perhaps a lot of the movie serves as allegory. That beings said, however, this is all conjecture. I think this is really interesting to think about and it makes for and interesting “read” of the film, so to speak. However, perhaps Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is everything that it seems on the surface and there really is no hidden meaning. Alas, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar… and a movie is just a movie.

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