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  1. § Anon Email said on :
    Not only should you proof read before you submit a column but check for missing words. i don’t know how many loads of nerd screaming you can do but im sure you can be LOUD instead.
  2. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :
    Wow, tearing someone’s work apart as “Anon.” It takes a real man to anonymously critiquing someone. Kudos.
  3. § Geek Gurl said on :
    Anon, Have YOU looked at your response? “i” is suppose to be capitalized (proper noun), and you are missing an “at” between “screaming” and “you”. Then, you have a subject-verb error because “nerd” is singular when it should be plural. Oh wait, you don’t have a verb. Well anon, you should have an “are” between “nerd[s]” and “screaming”…..just so you know 🙂
  4. § A true geek said on :
    There is a mathematical contradiction between the diagram and the equations you present.

    If the group of dorks is a the intersection between geeks and nerds, then:
    1) dorks are a subset of geeks
    2) dorks are a subset of nerds

    If dorks are a subset of geeks -> then any feature that the geeks hold the dorks hold just as well!

    For that reason, no feature can be written like this: “Nerd > Dork” or like this: “Geek > Dork > Nerd”.
  5. § Matches Malone Email said on :
    No one said there’d be any math, much less logic, when I followed the provided link. Rockin’ the Venn Diagram, though 🙂
  6. § Ryan McCoskrie Email said on :
    Two things you got horribly, horribly wrong:
    1) Nerds aren’t necessarily good in school. I did terribly in High School because my brain is wired in such an unorthodox manner I couldn’t make sense of the teachers and vice-versa.

    2) Bill Gates is not, never has been and never will be a nerd. He is a complete poser who merely pretends to be a nerd to hide the fact that he is one of the most heartless business men in the word. He only started Micro$oft because no other company would take him.
    If you want an example of a real nerd look up Linus Torvalds
  7. § eriseshcaton Email said on :
    I considrer myself a geek in that, in the words of all who know me, I am, “freakin insane!” but you misunderestamate(yes I know its not a word)us.
    we are interested in various subjects such as, ancient myths, fringe science, music, poetry, art,and taking various mind expanding/rapidifying/sharpening substances.
    yes vegitarians, you too eat the dead. and it tastes good
  8. § raxp Email said on :
    no me considero ni uno de los dos.

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