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  1. § Fenrir Email said on :
    In the comic “Invincible” there is actually a guy who makes his entire business around making superhero costumes. I always thought that made a lot of sense, given the lack of any sewing skill for the majority of superheroes.

    The X-Men use some funky alien technology to make their uniforms now. Kind of a cop out, but given the frequency that they get blown up it becomes a practical explanation/
  2. § Becca Email said on :
    Actually superheroes have their own tailors. I was sure I had read it somewhere, so I had to go look it ip.
    Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #502
    And here ends my first and probably last geek post where I get to call the author on not knowing enough about the logistics of the Marvel universe, and cite an obscure comic book issue
  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Interesting heads up on Spidey’s tailor. But he originally got his costume from somewhere, and I’m not sure if it’s canonized.

    He got the first costume somewhere between his first wrestling match and his first TV appearance. Either A) he stitched it together himself, showing off his nibble spider fingers, or B) it was given to him by the television producer (and would then most likely be as hot and uncomfortable as any of the super suits as seen on TV).
  4. § Mark Email said on :
    I love the fact that the tailor in Invincible recycles his costumes too – folks are always appearing in older versions of other guys gear! 🙂

    I’m sure the increasing size of Power Girl’s chest was all about seeing if the DC Editorial staff would pick up on it…but super-boobs works as an explanation for me!

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