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  1. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :
    Are all women merely a sum of parts to you?
  2. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Of course, not. It’s a celebration of the female form. I love big doe eyes or little rat eyes.
  3. § Darius Whiteplume Email said on :
    Very funny.
  4. § zombiedoll0 Email said on :
    awww….Zooey Deschanel, she’s super cute n beautiful…love her…my boyfriend tells me i look a little like her lol i dont think i do or maybe cuz i have big eyes like her n i used to have bangs too lol
  5. § alex said on :
    mega forehead? such a statement is probably due to your own insecurity towards your own forehead. but it’s okay: all of us internet-folk have insecurities.

    personally, i think zooey deschanel has become a ridiculously overrated “indie girl.”

    and also, emily is so very damn sexy. 🙂
  6. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    Don’t get me wrong, I would do terrible, terrible things to Emily if given the chance (which I never would be given). It’s a completely unbiased observation. a) She has a larger than average forehead (aka fivehead) b) Bangs cover up larger than average foreheads.

    Now we can talk about my forehead, but sadly it won’t be nearly as interesting, or full of personal forehead demons.
  7. § Mandalynne Email said on :
    I think this is probably the most genius thing I’ve read in a while. Being a girl, lost, without set style, and the Deschanel sisters being my heroines in the fashion world, this made me laugh. In a good sense.

    Agree’d 100%, Zoey has the cute innocence, with the ability to amp up to sultry seductress by hiding those gorgeous eyes behind her bangs paired with a coy smile. The ability to have fun, be childish, but easly switch to Lady of the Night if the occasion called.

    A picture of classic beauty, coupled with a bit of geek, and lots of personality, Zoey Deschanel is someone worth aspiring toward!
  8. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :
    Fivehead– Wolfie, you’ve showed your hand. That’s a Tyra-ism 🙂
  9. § a Email said on :
    yeah when i think indie i think yes man starring jim carrey…really shes just a famous groupie
  10. § indie Email said on :
    this is fucking fantastic lmao
  11. § aimee Email said on :
    this is really interesting. i have bangs but i need to cut them lol. and i have big eyes too. and i am indie. im not zooey but this is very funny lol. im not gay or anything but zooey is very beautiful. two thumbs up! love, Aimee
  12. § wolff tanning bed bulbs Email said on :
    hahah.. nice.. lol
  13. § PQ Email said on :
    I’m in love with Zooey Deschanel. This post made me squee with delight because now I know exactly how to be like her.

    And ya know, all her sexy pictures helped.
  14. § Kiddo said on :
    This is SO funny 😀 Loved it, and love Zooey (L)
  15. § Gale Degirolamo said on :
    Hey, I’m glad I added you to my feed reader, otherwise I would have missed this post! Good post.
  16. § ZooeygisS Email said on :
    wow!!! she’s so beautiful… very good!!
  17. § daria Email said on :

    1. i’m a tad tired of ZD
    2. i think cute indie girls come in all sizes and shapes, and capture your heart when you suddenly discover they know your fave comics or that band that no one knows

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