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  1. § Dan Email said on :
    I first notice Heiman in The New Guy, and have seen him popping up in various places. By far his most prominent role (with the possible exception of Chuck, which I have not seen) was in the music video for Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid,” where he screams the eponymous title whilst gently cradling his euphonium. You can see it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy5pteby0Ts, with an appearance at 1:43 and 2:03.
  2. § Mike Email said on :
    I saw this fat fuck in Manhattan Beach and got my picture taken with him. It was a few years ago after I noticed him in Spiderman. He had no idea why I wanted my picture taken with him and why I couldn’t stop laughing at him. He sucks. Nothing worse than an overacting extra.
  3. § detroit guy Email said on :
    Oh my god I could not agree more, I hate seeing this fat ass loser in so many roles? What is there a shortage of fat dorky kids out there willing to play extras roles? Seeing this fat dork all the time takes the reality out of movies, quit casting this fag, seriously whose cock did this homo suck to get casted so often? Man I hate him, go away fat ass dork!
  4. § Bill-DC Email said on :
    Rack JTR!
  5. § Stephen Loftin Email said on :
    I can not believe Jesse has gotten this far… I was my rommate at South West Texas State University for 6 months. The biggest nerd anyone could ever imagine… I remeber one night i had a girl spend the night in our dorm room in our bunk beds with Jesse occupying the lower bed. It excited him to the point where his cheeks turned dark red. He is the only person that i know who swollows his tooth paste completely while brushing his teeth. All and all a pleasant guy to be around.

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