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  1. § J. M. S. Esq. Email said on :
    I would like to make one editorial suggestion, as there is a seriously missed metaphorical opportunity in this post. To whit, “All of his pent up sexual frustration slowly churned and turned into nerd rage and teen angst” should properly read “All of his pent up sexual frustration slowly churned until it turned into the hard cheese of nerd rage and teen angst.” That is all.

    Oh, and up until just now, I thought it was John Waters that had died, which was confusing. I didn’t realize that the shit eating scene from Pink Flamingos had made such a significant impact on the teens of America.
  2. § Dee Dee Supreme Email said on :
    Honest to God, I kept thinking it was John Waters too! I was all, “Well no shit, the dude smoked like a chimney and his face looked like a raisin with a moustache.” Oops.
  3. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    People also mixed him up with John Holmes… a film legend for entirely different reasons.
  4. § chris Email said on :
    while i was reading this i laughed to myself thinking that you should have called the unit of measurment angstroms.
  5. § ataşehir halı yıkama merkezi Email said on :
    very good..

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