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  1. § Renee Email said on :
    Genius! Thanks for the laugh 🙂
  2. § ibejeph Email said on :
    You bring up a very good point and possibly one that is a bigger problem than the mysterious eating prohibitions of the Mogwai: how does any man, let alone the massive dork in this movie, deny the will of Phoebe Cates?
  3. § J. M. S. Esq. Email said on :
    Frankly, I don’t understand how he had so much difficulty following the basic precepts of Mogwai ownership. I mean, he didn’t have any trouble with Phoebe, did he? I don’t recall him ever feeding HER after midnight, and I’m pretty certain he never got her wet. (rimshot)
  4. § Kyoritsu Email said on :
    Gravity. Gravity is focused like laser light when aligned with other gravity wells (i.e. Earth) so when the sun is at it’s most opposite face it has its most powerful effect. this brings about the question of the moon and it’s effect, meaning if the moon where also any where near the sun side of earth the time for not feeding Mogwai would in theory be lengthened. I suppose the actual math could be worked out using the difference in tides;That I shall leave the experts (senior Gnards).

    P.S. “Wolf mans got Nards”
  5. § shing Email said on :
    what about time zones, Would the mogwai’s internal clock adjust to time zones?
  6. § Shawna Brian said on :
    This needed to be said. Great information, thanks for sharing it with us.

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