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  1. § Rick “The Hat” Bman Email said on :
    I’ve always wondered just how much money Scrooge had in that vault.

    Of course, thanks to this post, I now have the Ducktales theme song stuck in my head. I guess that isn’t so bad, yesterday I have the song “A Whole New World” from Aladdin stuck in my head.
  2. § Bryan M. Email said on :
    Well you cracked the case, which i am sure is harder than cracking the money bin
  3. § bobjinx Email said on :
    Nice sleuthing…the key was digging up the size of the money bin from Carl Banks. Cartoon research I applaud.
  4. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I have to say I think Forbes was being a little lazy. The clues are all there, you just need to put it together.
  5. § Stumbler Email said on :
    I’m disappointed in your work.
    You assume that each coin made of solid gold is worth one dollar. Current gold prices fluctuate between $1111.56 and $992.86 USD per troy ounce (as of 10 Sept 2009). The the mass of a silver dollar is 0.260 troy oz. If we use $1000 as the current asking price for gold, each silver dollar sized coin of solid gold would be worth approximately $260. 27,621,599,101,910 coins X $260 per coin = 7.18161577 × 10^15 or 7.18 quadrillion dollars. Not a mere 27 billion.
  6. § Stumbler Email said on :
    Edit: Not a mere 27 trillion.
  7. § Wolfie G. Nards® Email said on :
    I actually did think of that. The problem is there’s no telling that the coins used in Duckburg are actual gold coins. It’s probably actually more like a Euro than a silver dollars.

    I used a modern standard for coin value, and set it at $1. Stumbler is right, McDuck’s coins could be any value, but we can’t assume that they’re gold coins just because they’re shinny and yellow.
  8. § Jessy S. said on :
    Honestly I would put Scrooge McDuck’s fortune at $100 Trillion and rising daily. To give an idea of how large Scrooge’s fortune really is, Carl Barks wrote a neat story where Scrooge is having trouble putting money in the bin so the only solution is to spend it with Donald being the nephew/employee. Donald, Scrooge, and the boys then spend the bulk of the 9 pager spending money like there is no tomorrow. For example, they spend money on new and expensive cars just as soon as there is a minor problem such as a bug on the windshield. In the end Scrooge discovers that the entire trip was for naught as the money he spent is right back in his hands.
  9. § weeeeeeeee Email said on :
    This is an extract from the “Magic Hourglass” story:-

    ‘Scrooge is seen in this story attempting to reacquire a magic hourglass that he gave to Donald, before finding out that it acted as a protective charm for him. Scrooge starts losing one million dollars each minute, and comments that he will go bankrupt within 600 years’

    There is 315 569 260 minutes in 600 years x 1,000,000 =

  10. § gold cash Email said on :
    I can’t count them anymore. Especially dollar.
  11. § That Kind Of Girl Email said on :
    Well, that seals it. You’re pretty much a genius.

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